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Related Matters

Senate Hearing

Senate Enquiry - Related Matters

ATC Australian Tile Council unfortunately recommended products and procedures that have continued to cause problems, focusing only on acrylics and polyurethanes Aldo Susta an executive of the council had a conflict of interest in defaming me and waterproofing products and procedures, which have proven to be superior in every way with roofing membranes used in bathrooms. Cost and speed of use were superior. Tiling could proceed immediately after laying membrane as opposed to up to 3 days with painted membranes. This roofing membrane procedure was ridiculed by the ATC, MBA, HIA in 1994, and resulted in the cancellation of what would have been a lucrative career for me conducting seminars in every Australian capital city, and would have been extensively promoted by Standards Australia, and would have been ongoing to this present day.

Related Matters (Keith Atkins as an Industry Whistle Blower).

20 Major Changes to the Bathroom Industry first included in the 1994 Bathroom Book Standards Australia Keith Atkins

20 major changes to bathroom construction would eliminate the need for claims on any future Home Warranty Insurance. (DAS) The significance of these changes were totally ignored and opposed by the HIA and MBA. Many of these changes were included in the MBA Waterproofing manual without acknowledgement to "The Bathroom Book", breaching copyright; however proving copyright breach is very difficult. The MBA were very devious in their disguise of copyright infringement. Instead Justice Kevin Lindgren suggested defamation and breaches of the TPA (for future litigation).

Keith Atkins v/s Master Builders Association of NSW.
Federal Court Case NSD 965 of 2005 was necessary to prevent the enclosed "Bathroom Book" being totally defamed, and withdrawn from sale, so as to facilitate the publication of the MBA Waterproofing Manual. The MBA lied to the Federal court regarding their corporate status, maintaining the myth of the MBA being altruistic and acting in the interests of all builders. The MBA copied all major aspects of Keith Atkins bathroom book, no research and development by Master Builders Association. A fifteen year campaign to defame material in the "Bathroom Book" eventuated, from 1990, when the draft was released by Standards Australia and was reviewed by the MBA.

In 2004 the Master Builders Association published all research previously defamed. The Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association have continued defamation campaigns. No research was carried out by the MBA, either before or since the publication of the MBA document (Waterproofing manual 2004)

All progress was thwarted when applying to various government authorities for development grants to conduct additional research into waterproofing and bathroom construction which were:
Research and Development applications by Keith Atkins Bathrooms.

(i) Research and development to Ausindustry August 2003 a research grant in the sum of $250,000 first draft 1991 a 120 page document.
(ii) Research and development application to the NSW department of commerce in the sum of $200,000 (2004).
(iii) Research and development application to the Australian Building Codes Board Canberra in the sum of $50,000 (2005).
(iv) All projects interfered with or stolen by Master Builders Association during 2003, 2004, 2005.

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