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Change 11

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11. Flashing of the skirting tile over the floor:

In a time honoured but unnecessary tiling procedure, whole walls are tiled and then the floor is laid butting up to the wall tiles. Unfortunately, this allows water to go directly down between the wall and the floor which then soaks into the tiled floor cement bed giving a direct vertical line from the wall tiles down into the floor tile bed). This hastens the build up of water retention between the tile bed and the waterproof membranes. If the membranes are not waterproof, the build up destroys the membranes (especially in acrylic and polyurethane water resistant paint-on membranes.) It is instead necessary for the wall tiles to be cut over the finished floor. This results in avoiding capillary action building up at the lower wall tile biscuit and also improved appearance. Only recently is this procedure being accepted by the tile industry as best practise.

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