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Climate Change Myth, Suicide Prevention

I have carried out independent research with the CSIRO since the late 1980s, (Building Division Highett, Victoria) firstly with Barry Schaffer who has produced a report on acrylics, detailing water vapour transmission and later with Peter Westgate. CSIRO Highett Melbourne. I have met with many scientists at the CSIRO and have spoken by phone to many more, particularly oceanographers and Antarctic research scientists; many are in agreement with my research on the myth of rising sea levels. Rising insurance premiums are one result of this blatant myth. Scare mongering and grandstanding by many scientists wanting their 15 minutes of fame is adding to the propaganda. CSIRO oceanographers and other scientists are now reluctant to speak up regarding the fact that it is an impossibility for ice to melt and to raise the water level of its surrounding water thus creating the question who benefits from this incredible myth, on rising sea levels.

Research on this unrelenting myth is to be carried out at the Manly Vale Water Research facility King St Manly Vale, in my continued role to prevent suicide, the Global warming myth is causing many cases of depression with the myth creating pessimism about the future.

The Northern Hemisphere winter thaw of snow and ice (60 temperature change) is an example of the climate change myth, instead of a 2 change in the weather an annual spring thaw melts snow and ice with no rise in sea levels. I obtained my surf club bronze medal in 1966, at Dee Why. At that time a rise in sea levels was forecast for 30 years hence it just did not happen.

Tim Blair Daily Telegraph August 18 2007 exploding myth of Global Warming. Also Cardinal George fell Sunday Telegraph April 2 2008 "Global Warming is over."

Additional Bathroom waterproofing research is also to be completed. This will also reduce depression in the industry.

As with all R + D both past and present, this will be fully funded personally by Keith Atkins.

Signed Keith Atkins

Draft Declaration Senate Enquiry May 2008

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