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Waterproofing to wall and floor junctures:

The most important waterproofing procedure to prevent leaking showers is to seal the join between walls and floors with a sheet membrane. This is the method that has sustained successful waterproofing since time immemorial.

1. The use of waterproof sheet membrane flooring versus painted water-resistant acrylic and Polyurethane membranes:

Painted membranes as detailed previously, are susceptible to attack by citric- acid, which is a basic ingredient in "Green" cleaners and shampoos. Almost zero warranty exists on manufacturer's faulty products. Unfortunately the tiler or builders are always blamed for any failures. Judgements awarded against these tradesmen by The Department of Fair Trading have caused major financial and emotional burdens. Tribunals were often shams resembling ''Star Chamber Hearings'' and have not changed in 30 years (since 1978) with justice often eluding many tradesmen or builders. The Department of Fair Trading has had their rulings overturned in the NSW Supreme Court. However, this costly option is often out of the financial reach of most builders. An ombudsman's role in these matters is almost non-existent.

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