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Change 03

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3. Flashing behind and in front of the wall sheeting at the wall/floor junction:

The double flashing technique as seen in The Bathroom Book (Standards Australia 1st edition 1994), page 8, was a global first. Major problems exist world- wide in the waterproofing of shower recesses, especially in the USA and UK. The double flashing technique, using "Shelta-seal" plastic and bitumous sheet roofing self membrane and covering the entire floor. This is particularly necessary with particle board and then using conventional flashing behind the wall and flashing to wall and floor juncture on the outside of wall/floor and typically using a 1 metre by 200mm cove flashing cut from the 20m roll of "Shelta-seal" . (see detail in "The Bathroom Book"). The floor is then tiled. Next day the lowest row/skirting wall tile is installed above the floor giving a double flashing effect. Details on pages 8, 40, 41 & 79 of "The Bathroom Book" which can be found at www.thebathroombook.com.au.

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