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Personal Losses

Senate Hearing

Senate Enquiry - Personal details Keith Atkins

My personal losses have included a five bedroom four bathroom home, built by me 1973 fully paid for 1979. Value over $1.2 million Cromer Heights Sydney. Also loss of new investment home Currumbin Waters Queensland $800,000. Destruction of my marriage of 27 years. Suicide of my 16 year old daughter, Yvette Atkins, 30 August 1992. Continued defamation of myself and Bathroom Book by Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association.

A July 1992 Bathroom expo at Collaroy sponsored by the NSW State Bank, and with 70 advertisements on 2CH on site broadcast, and 25 advertisements on 2GB, print media articles also, which unleashed a wave of jealousy from the MBA, HIA, and the waterproofing industry, preceded the following circumstances.

A letter dated 6th August 1992 was sent to Rod White the then NSW Sales Manager CSR closely tied to the HIA this highlighted industry problems including CSR's gyprock. Abusive phone calls followed, with many not identifying themselves, except for a 7pm phone call from Rod White. My daughter Yvette received abusive phone calls, and on 30th August 1992 Yvette took her own life, and in keeping with those strong personalities who commit suicide, she did not give any warning as to her intentions. (Rod White CSR letter enclosed)

My financial, physical, and mental hardship caused by my restriction of trade (S52) has included almost total loss of assets $2 million in Real Estate.
Financial: - a nine week round the world trip in 1976, was financed by the sale of five acres of land on the Hume weir of Allbury, (purchased by the De Bortoli family (of wine growing fame) The sale also enabled the purchase of an XJ6 Jaguar personally picked up, delivered from the Jaguar factory at Browns Lane Coventry U.K. and was fully paid for, as was the subsequent road trip which included U.K., Scotland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, to UK where the car was prepared for its trip to Australia. I returned via U.S.A and Hawaii.

Many other overseas trips were enjoyed in the 70s and 80s. My lifestyle took a nose dive in the mid 80s when vitriol, jealousy and a complete restriction of my trade by manufacturers and Building Associations which included the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association, and their sub- associations. Aggravated harassment continues to this present day.
My only mode of transport since 1990 has been a Holden Rodeo 1 ton truck (still in good condition.)
In 1966 I first snow skied and have enjoyed the sport ever since, with many family holidays at Stillwell Lodge Charlottes Pass, where I had memberships/ ownership for 30 years until a forced sale in 2004.
A Bathroom Expo in the snow (Thredbo Hotel Thredbo, Man from Snowy River Hotel Perisher Valley) was organised 1992, cancelled on the death of my daughter. An international bathroom expo was also being planned at Darling Harbour for 1993.

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