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Appropriateness & Effectiveness

Senate Hearing

Senate Enquiry - Section (A) Appropriateness and Effectiveness

Corruption of Entire Insurance Industry and the resultant ineffectiveness of both political parties, Labour and Liberal, in dealing with problems posed by this corruption due to political donations which should be abolished completely; Instead $100 million each to be allocated to the Liberal and Labour parties.

(a) Home Warranty Insurance, 10 years of insurance and developer interference in the lives of small to medium builders (mainly family businesses). Many suicides and bankruptcies not acknowledged by the Australian Labour Party or the MBA and HIA.

HWI, Totally useless insurance (3 page article "Choice" consumer magazine dated.

Insurance Companies Master Builders Association, Housing Industry Association Affiliated Sub Associations, past and present have participated in:-

Unconscionable Conduct. Taking unfair advantage of superior positions. Causing industry wide hardship from Negligence and deception regarding HWI and waterproofing products lack of duty of care (S46)

Misrepresentations. False promises on quality and benefit to consumers. Benefits to consumers almost zero. Insurance products and vested interest Building Products as detailed in enclosed "Bathroom Book" related matters. Deception, incompetence and prejudice towards small to medium sized Building Companies and Builders, Tradesmen. (S52) (DAS)

Harassment. Debt collection a $20,000 bank guarantee was previously demanded prior to insurance access. Resulting in the suicide of many builders including Adam Reagan, a 27 year old builder from Orange, N.S.W. In 2003 Sydney Morning Herald newspaper article Miranda Devine. (S82-2) (S52) (DAS)

Agreements between HIA and MBA lessening insurance availability for effected builders. 60% of NSW builders as detailed in enclosed Master Builders Association magazine article. (S52) (S82-2) (DAS)

Restrictions by MBA and HIA on the purchase of Home Warranty Insurance as well as misrepresentation on goods and services including waterproofing products and other insurance products (S46, 52)

Associations supposed to be "not for profit" should be altruistic to help builder members. $28 million Insurance profit in one year by the Housing Industry Association. (S46)

In the early 1980's the Housing Industry Association promoted sub-associations.

Waterproofing Related Issues to Enquiry

The Waterproofing Industry Association WIA and the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association. NKBA.
I was a foundation member of both sub-associates and spent many hundreds of hours on committees with the hope that these sub-associations would improve the industry and bring about the exclusion of poor products.
Unfortunately both sub associations descended into self interest, unproductive disappointing groups which eventually imploded with their own incompetence, deception, (on quality of products), including prejudicial promotion of CSR products a major sponsor of the Housing Industry Association.

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