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Insurance Issues

Senate Hearing

Senate Enquiry - Insurance Issues HWI

HWI is useless consumer protection with no ability to claim against faulty products (see related matters). The decision as to fully qualified builders being able to work or not was, incredibly, given to clerks in insurance offices. This continues to destroy builders' lives.

Home Warranty Insurance
Total criminal fraud, with some participants gaoled, including Rodney Alder who combined with the MBA to provide HWI to MBA members and other builders in the industry.

A need for an ICAC investigation, the only way to resolve the problem. I spoke to Terence Cole the Royal Commissioner, he lamented that the limited terms of reference excluded Home Warranty Insurance and faulty products. This would again be limited by corruption by developers, if a royal commission was held. (No reflection on Terence Cole and his good work)
Home Warranty Insurance only pays for claims on the death, disappearance or bankruptcy of the builder. All three are being caused by the insurance fraud.

This total corruption was organised by the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association for developers who did not have to supply Home Warranty Insurance. Mendacious lethal thieves who have ruthlessly ruled the Building Industry for many years, quite certainly for the past ten years have acted in a traitorous manner totally without any altruism whatsoever. 60% of builders unable to work at all or at a greatly reduced level of efficiency and volume of work despite having assets and experience. ABC 7.30 report choice ACA. (DAS)

Developer and other vested interests have lobbied Parliament for skilled immigrants to swell the depleted ranks of tradesmen.
This insanity, when 20,000 builders in NSW and even more tradesmen cannot work because of HWI is the height of hypocrisy.
Continued corruption by Premier Morris Lemma, follows the corruption of former premier Bob Carr currently employed by the developers who destroyed the building industry, by promoting HWI.

The corporate entities of the MBA and HIA should be deregistered by ASIC and the conflict of interest with supplying insurance and profiting despite being non-profit organisations and should be fully discouraged and investigated by ICAC, and prosecuted.

The HIA and MBA are restricting the trade of many builders in order to supply slave labour for corrupt developers, in contravention section 52 Trade Practices Act. See also evidence from Builders Collective Victoria (Phil Dwyer).This Senate enquiry, also Productivity Commission hearing 19th February 2008 submission by Keith Atkins and ABWA.

Consequences of removing consumer protection: Absolutely NIL
The incredible myth that this is protection for consumers (Home Warranty Insurance) is the result of corruption of the labour party in NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. In NSW the Greens and Fred Nile voted for Home Warranty Insurance in the Upper House of Parliament N.S.W. after receiving payments from the Labour Party.

Removing Home Warranty would not affect consumers and would be a national benefit. An option would be revamping Home Warranty Insurance with limited cover that would be affordable and achievable for a Federal Government Home Warranty Insurance (eliminating Private Insurance). Even limited cover would surpass current Home Warranty Insurance at best a "Claytons Insurance"

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