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Change 08

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8. Cement rendering for brick walls and bath fronts:

Tiling to all masonry surfaces i.e. brick and block work:
Cement rendering of all walls when covering brickwork using Sil-o-sec™ cement-based waterproofing to brick walls, then applying cement render (in parts of 4x sand, 1x cement and ¼ Plastermaster™, or lime). (Sil-o-sec™ was used successfully in the "Tank stream" tunnel, George Street, Sydney to waterproof walls.)

Cement based tile adhesive screeded onto the finished wall on the next day is preferable to the unnecessary method of waiting for a longer period (up to 30 days). Companies that have adopted this method have had a 100% success rate. This procedure only now being adopted within the industry.
Cement rendering the walls and adhering the tiles with tile adhesive gives up to fifteen times the adhesion strength over the old technique of 'buttering' each individual tile.
Many tiles have failed due to this old method, which unfortunately, is still favoured by a few in the industry. An example of poor tiling technique is to be found in Sydney's Cahill expressway tunnel with many tiles now failing.

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