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2. Pre-assembled shower trays:

The use of folded corners to shower trays is the best and fastest method, and excludes the necessity for welding, which weakens corner welds in copper, plastic or stainless steel (plastic blood bags with welded corners have recently been involved in failures) Welding can allow tiny holes, and becomes the weakest part of a waterproof tray or any welded product. Folded corners are best (see "The Bathroom Book"). Copper or stainless steel can be used as a waterproof tray, but both are much maligned by vested interests since the 1980's especially tile adhesive and liquid membrane manufacturers. They have ignored failures and blamed builders and tilers/waterproofers for causing the failures. CSIRO testing at The Building Research Centre at Highett Melbourne by the Australian Bathroom and Waterproofing Association has revealed flaws in the ability of acrylic and polyurethanes to resist absorption of citric acid. It can be used successfully on a concrete substrate or a compressed fibre cement sheet substrate but when used on particleboard sheet flooring it will eventually fail.

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