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General and Home Insurance

Senate Hearing

Senate Enquiry - General and Home Insurance (S46)

Some non payment of claims or long term delay on claims. Fraudulent activity.

(i) Motor Vehicle Insurance (S46, 51, 52, 82-2)
Total malicious destruction of repair businesses, to obtain bigger profits for Insurance companies. A local client of mine, a very well respected wealthy Panel Beater/ Spray Painter, was saved from bankruptcy by a class action organised by his company and his industry peers. Many suicides and bankruptcies. The settlement was negotiated with a media blackout on the result.

a) Workers Compensation Insurance (S46, 51, 52, 82-2)
Complete fraud, this insurance has unjustified high premiums, limited payouts as with Home Warranty Insurance. Outrageous profits from insurance companies, many Australians suffering from their criminal fraud newspaper articles (DAS). All insurance is a pathological narcissist's picnic with the totally current corrupt practices continuing.
Workers Compensation Commission hearings are being compromised by corrupt insurance companies such as GIO.
Whilst legal representation is free to applicants, the process is unnecessarily drawn out and ruthlessly manipulated by insurance companies to ensure non payment of statutory lump sums which in the case of severely injured workers, contributes to further physical and mental problems.
Due to the inability to obtain to HWI my company has suffered extreme financial hardship, I was one day away from bankruptcy due to a GIO Supreme Court proceeding in 2000.
GIO Workers Compensation (WC): continued non payment of my injury claims, I have had Keith Atkins Bathrooms Workers Compensation policy with GIO since 1st July 1979. My first claim was in 1999 (twenty years claim free), in 2000 GIO refused payment of 19-5-99 claim and tried to bankrupt me, the annual premium was $7000, this along with Supreme Court fees of $4200 had to be paid, despite extreme financial hardship and pain from injury at that time in early 2000. The payment of $11,200 was paid as stated, with one day's grace.
GIO continue to harass and deny a claim for spondylitis which includes all spine and neck injury.
I was forced to do all the work myself, and despite the pain, I thoroughly enjoy my involvement in Research in Bathroom renovating to this day, the protracted claim against GIO has necessitated two operations for hernia removal and repair.
Continued pain with a suspected Hernia (No.3) GIO have refused payment continually since 1999 and currently have not paid my doctors bills. I pay these bills personally to enable continued treatment. (S46 and S52)
I have had continuing health problems with extreme stress and depression.
Inability to sleep has added to my mental condition.
GIO refuse to accept a claim for psychological help and I am currently paying for psychology visits myself. Despite the "Whistle Blowing" aspects of my career, I did not claim Workers Compensation on the suicide death of my daughter YVETTE CHARIS ATKINS, at 16 years of age Yvette cared about the environment and wildlife and was a wonderful caring and talented young woman.
She need not have worried so much about the environment.

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